Bamboo clothing for Yoga

Bamboo Fabric Yoga ClothingI found that bamboo was a perfect material for clothing for yoga. Its light weight, flexible extremely soft and is perfect for sensitive skin. Dries extremely quickly making it ideal for yoga. With its antibacterial and anti fungal properties it does not start to smell even after a few days, which in a hot yoga environment where temperatures are set to between 25-43C. I am working for up to two hours which causes huge amounts of water to be lost.

We also found that there is a demand for bamboo t- shirts in an outside working environment where they are primarily used as base layers in winter and then outwear t-shirts in summer. We came across this by selling some to a training company and the demand start from there through word of mouth. The benefit to them is that working men who in years gone by would strip to the waist, can now maintain their modesty by wear the light-weight layer.

The Environmental Benefits of Bamboo.

Bamboo is a sustainable material, which thrives, in a natural environment where all our products are grown organically. There is minimal damage to the local regions where the bamboo is farmed. Bamboo is grown on steep gradients where it would be inaccessible other products to be grown. Causing minimal interruption and minimal lose in farming land for other products to grow allowing to it to be a “win win” for the farms.

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